Steps to nailing the perfect 7 second pitch by Christine Morlet for GLOBALHR Edwin Cohen

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Hey! This is Christine Morlet. I am a Certified Speaking Professional and a speech coach. My topic is positive influence.

I help entrepreneurs and senior managers who struggle with the structure of their keynote speeches to become memorable.

It’s going to be an honor to speak again at a GLOBALHR event organized by Edwin Cohen at GlobalBusinessNews!

I have known Ed Cohen from Global Business News a few years now and I have spoken at the Swiss GLOBALHR conférence in Zurich a couple of years ago !

Today, I would like to share a few insights on the 7 second pitch to help you become really memorable when pitching yourself at any network event!

This has been inspired to me by a great Swedish lady named Åsa Rydhard.

We met in Milan Italy a few years ago where she gave a great presentation on this topic.

So this is how to pitch yourself in 7 seconds!
1st identify your target person or target group. I usually name it the avatar…
So it goes like this:

I am (first name, last name, function)
I help (target person, target group, avatar)
Who have (problems, issues)
Get (benefit)
I am (brand)

Let me repeat my own pitch again:
I am Christine Morlet, professional speaker and speech coach
I help entrepreneurs and senior managers
Who struggle with the structure of their public presentation
Become memorable
I am a positive influence specialist.

I hope this will help you set up your own pitch.

It’ll be my pleasure to meet you somewhere in Europe at one GLOBALHR event organized by Edwin Cohen!

So, see you soon!

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